Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hi J

Gonna dedicate this post to you. 

In case I forgot what happened and to make sure there will be some remnants for me to reminisce one day.

First met in Zouk.

Second in Puchong with my friends.

Third in MV. watched now you see me 2.

Fourth dinner in Puchong, wine in Bangsar, Tea 1 in SS2 and Tea 2 in Old Klang Road.

Fifth - 3 days in KL

Sixth - 3 days in KL

Wow.. I didnt know we have had so many outings/meet ups?

I always wonder how does it feel for you.

Did you feel comfortable and at ease like I do?

Did you feel butterflies in your stomach sometimes?

Did you ever wished time would stop when we were having good time ?

What you didnt know is that I'm bad at expressing my thoughts and feelings. Might look cold outside but inside am melting. (I'm improving and fingerscrossed one day I'll be good at this)

And I think alot... I dont know whats on your mind. Sometimes it makes me anxious.

This is gonna be a short post.. I could've written hundreds of pages on what had happened.

I will write it out someday. Regardless where this is heading. 

No matter what, I'm sure its gonna be a good memories aye? :) #yolo

Thanks for everything.

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